The Truth is the Truth

11 10 2016

As in “We hold these truths to be self-evident” and “One good thing about music, when it hits, you feel no pain”. Self-evident: for a phrase from a bunch of bible thumping white guys, who had just defended their turf against what was probably the largest military industrial power for most of the 18th century, it packs power. Of course, as a musician I prefer “What It Is, IS What It Is” which has the same meaning, but lends itself to rhythm with much more mojo.

Mojo, the magic, the method, what gets it done. Mojo, which woke me up in the middle of the night to hear Mike Murdock describing ways in which he had been blessed by his biblical belief. The stories he shared were detailed and decisive through his delivery. He mentioned tithing his last hundred dollars one day; and the next sitting in a church where a guest pianist was playing and remarked on how the lord had told him to give Mike a hundred dollar bill. Not necessarily remarkable for any who practice peace, though I was struck by a memory of Jun-san, a Buddhist nun I met on the Walk for Justice to raise awareness about Leonard Peltier. Jun-san had shared one of her first visits to the U.S. in which she was ‘moved’ to go to a certain street corner, and wait there. After a few moments, someone drove up, asked her if she was Jun-san and when she replied, the person said ‘I was told to bring you money’ and gave her a few hundred dollars.

What it is, is What it is. These stories are self-evident, the truth that Mike and Jun-san shared essentially proof of Oneness, Connectedness, Divinity, and my favorite, the Funk. Truth, Tradition and Tribe are a commonality in each of these stories. The fact each of these people experienced the favor of the force from vastly varied foundations furthers my faith, belief and gratitude while providing insight into what I believe may be the greatest jedi mind trick of them all: LISTENING.



2 responses to “The Truth is the Truth”

    14 10 2016
      Valentine Matthew Ecklund (14:34:32) :     

    Yo, yohann nice job on yer blog works…one thought was on the emotive FORCE inherent in music especially where women vocalists / sirens /divas and screamers are enlivened…it brings to mind ‘court and spark’ the classic album by Joni Mitchell. Keepin the bloggins ALIVE ! Valentine

    14 10 2016
      Valentine Matthew Ecklund (14:38:33) :     

    Also my constitution would not be complete without an honorable mention to the late Mr.James Douglas Morrison. . mister mojo rising….Thanks for the memories: valentine