Think Along Thoughts

8 05 2022

A few words about my perspective on blogging these days:

Essentially, here on millenniumblues, I allow a combination of freeflow and structure to work to harmony. Sometimes the ideas take a back seat to alliteration or allusion, and even though I’ve never renewed my poetic license, I think that is completely acceptable.

bell hooks, whom I recently found out was first published by Michael Albert and South End Press once said: “To think of certain ways of writing as activism is crucial, What does it matter if we write eloquently about decolonization if it’s just White privileged kids reading our eloquent theory about it? Masses of Black people suffer from internalized racism; our intellectual work will never impact on their lives if we do not move it out of the academy.”

In several ways, I agree completely. Her words stand in a philosophical truth, and are backed up in song by Gil Scott Heron in his song Message to the Messengers “they don’t know what to say to our young folks, but they know that you do.”

So, though my writing is outside ‘of the academy,’ that may be its’ value. I don’t have the CPU power to run tests on how my writing and poetry may affect anyone socially, though it has literally been street tested. My ideas may not be how a ‘real reporter’ would frame their work, yet because of that they are automatically outside of what Antonio Gramsci would call ‘normative.’