Perceived Means of Production

26 05 2022

What would Karl do? Ha Ha.

I have an opportunity to print my own books, yet the cost is the same as paying someone else to print them.

Two main differences:

making them myself allows an opportunity for community building, yet

the stapled look is less ‘professional’ looking, and may influence the perceived value of the content.

I’m writing about the choices here to practice transparency, and because sometimes it seems that the posts have an effect beyond typing words into a computer in my decision making process.

Again the choices are pretty, or proletariat?

The ‘finished’ looking book will contain no more information, and because today we are all used to interacting with machine produced items, has a more ‘professional’ look.

Right now, the macines which will print cut and glue aren’t available to most people. The spiral binding works, yet often creates torn pages.

Perhaps, the final choice is not mental or political at all, the choice I ought to consider before any other: what will make me happy?