Looking Glass

3 12 2021

Two thirds of the way through Atlas Shrugged, and while my initial observation has not changed, AtlantisĀ ISĀ a community of individuals, my life experience has provided insights unavailable to myself earlier. The first, that people of charisma able to gather others towards a cause are not by definition of higher moral principles. The second, that the organization of people loosely called looters, is in fact several groups, and therefore more organized than Ayn Rand provides credit for. However, since her goal is essentially to establish a rational society among (in her mind) an irrational poulation, her focus can be accepted.

Reading my own first paragraph, I find myself falling into the trap of pseudo intelligentsia. I notice I am over using adjectives to describe a simple event.

Ayn Rand doesn’t include Masons, Templar Knights, Lion’s Clubs, Rotary, or any other service group in her novel. That is why to look at Atlas Shrugged as an outline for a group to be is all that is possible. Objectivism has been established, and her ideas are essentially still in play. Whether she in fact founded a new group, or merely added language to the continuing struggle is what must be discerned.

Since the seperation of her heroes into Atlantis is more or less a cloistering, I’m sure my thoughts on the matter are transparent. Her entire description of Atlantis is a group of people practicing ‘spiritual’ values. Though she attributes these values to anyone with the honest capacity of self-reflection, the practice of these values requires an underlying faith in the laws of creation, essentially placing objectivism in the philosophical realm of theism.

Why Rand chooses to not involve her heros with traditional defects such as greed or dishonesty is unimportant. The fact that she does not, furthers the high ideals of her cloistered society, leaving us today, with yet another separation, now between business and individual integrity. Why has no one equated spiritual values of Christianity with business practices? Way beyond the scope of the blog, yet a question which I look to answers for. I’m sure some are there, I’ve not even begun to research myself.

Just a few short notes regarding Atlas Shrugged. I’m not intending to edit any further, though ideas are always under discussion.

Thanks, and until next time, Stay Blessed!