Food and Freedom

19 07 2019

I am making a go at having a ‘FareStart!’ By joining the program there, where everyone has a respect and appreciation for food as ‘the staff of life,’ I hope to surround myself with a lot of people who enjoy eating as much as I do.

Since it is a non-profit, I believe that many of the people there are making a professional decision which also reflects personal ethics about money in ‘Merica. As Robert Livingston says in his song ‘Food,’ ‘without it, you’re in a devastating mood.’ The devastating mood can also be caused by poor morale in the workplace, since many work places in the United States aren’t placing the physical health of employees first, the need for unions in those environments become strongly apparent. Especially when we consider that food is healing. In other words, as the most consistent source of energy that everyone participates in, food is the foundation of freedom, fiscal, spiritual and philosophical.

I apologize for the brevity and hurried theme of the current post, there are just quite a few changes which I am going through. For those of you keeping track, it has certainly been more than a few weeks, and I apologize for being late. It certainly was within my ability to continue, though the time I have to listen to new music these days is limited. Right now, I am unsure of my intention regarding the blog, and will make a determination by All Hallow’s Eve.

Thanks for your patronage.

Sabbath? – Killing Yourself to Live

2 07 2019

It is obvious what Third Eye Blind means, so it isn’t much of a mental challenge to get that some of their lyrics may be about chi/energy and chakras. It has taken me a bit of time to realize that Black Sabbath essentially means the same. A blind third eye. Sabbath is of course a day of rest, and Black is a veil that you are not able to see through, so according to the mystery school of ‘Poetic Phonetics,’ Black Sabbath is the rest that one receives when faith becomes part of your thinking. Guessing, or planning ahead in ways which only mean gain, or victory, absent compassion or wisdom just lead to desolation, or Babylon’s arrhythmia. A separation of heart from the vibration of the land, leading to less and less effective stewardship, friendship, and for those of us who listen, music.

Curiously, in my somewhat addled neuron matrix, I am reminded of Matthew 6:26 , in which we are reminded that we are taken care of because of how much our compassionate creator cares for us. (Yes, once again, from a Black Sabbath song.) How could you read the scripture that Matthew has written about and not be reminded of what was sung in the Sabbath psy-alm Killing Yourself to Live?
‘You work your life away and what do they give?
You’re only killing yourself to live’

Today, remember that many of us are all feeling the same, our work here is not done, yet, we are taken care of.