17 08 2022

About a moon ago, a friend pointed out to me that by googling Sophiscophonythe only results were my book! She said how interesting to have a unique result on google. Today, on google and bing, other businesses are listed before my site, which rather demonstrates the lack of integrity of the web, or rather the truth about advertisement.

Since the only way to buy a book is to buy one from me, and neither of the ‘other businesses’ have, the fact that they are being displayed as a first result is due to advertising revenue.

While that can be known to be a ‘price’ of doing business, at what cost to society is the ‘minor’ deception?

If in such a small matter, the internet acts in the interest of receiving payment, where does the interest stop?

Whose interest is being served by the rest of the names on the list? How many months until my website, as the original poster of the book isn’t included in the top results, and is replaced by paid advertisements? While the arguement that ‘it is good for business,’ will of course be used, the true question, is the practice good for quality of life, must be asked.

That is the millennium blues for this month.

Stay Blessed!