One Nation – Under a Groove

15 03 2017

So wide you can’t get around it, So low you can’t get under it, So high you can’t get over it. These are the words that start the song One Nation Under a Groove by Parliament. There are a number of fabled cities or legendary realms which inspire, provide hope, and present alternative forms of thinking and solving present day dillemas. Tir Na Nog, Shangri-La, Shamballa, Oz, Over the Rainbow and A Separate Reality to name a few. Though Parliament/Funkadelic never specifically names a place, their philosophy is clear and music is the central theme. They refer to the source as ‘the funk’ and though it solutions can be found to all difficulties. i.e. ‘With the rhythm that makes you dance to what we have to live through, you can dance underwater and not get wet.’ – Aqua Boogie; ‘Funk not only moves, it can remove, dig?’ – P-Funk; ‘This is a chance to dance your way, out of your constrictions’ – One Nation Under a Groove.

These lyrics point out themes which have been discussed previously in previous Millennium Blues notes. Music. as a universal language provides not only communication between those without a common language, each frequency and rhythmic pattern hints at how to interact with the environment.  Consider the white noise of a waterfall, or the morning call of a rooster. Since these sounds travel as a physical wave of pressure, the vibratory rates are simultaneously influencing and describing the environment. Fairly cool, huh?

Of course, one wonders what is the environment of ‘One Nation under a Groove?’ I’m sure most reading this blog have been to a Parliament/Funkadelic concert. Remember the atmosphere at one of your favorite bands concerts? Everyone wants to be there, and is looking forward to hearing their favorite songs and having the emotional experience of being in the audience all listening to the same music. Of course, two bands which personify these ideas are The Beatles, and The Grateful Dead. There are several other bands which have gained followers, yet both of those have become legendary.

Will our nation ever be under a groove? As these times are a changing, according to the recent Nobel Prize for literature has stated, there will be plenty of opportunity to find out as bands such as Pussy Riot and Spearhead continue to bring about the influence of the muse, the funk and recognition of the true state of creation.