All Your Way

24 03 2017

A friend recently pointed out that I like to argue. Well, that may just be. My mother certainly thought that I would make a good lawyer, based on the types of objections I would raise to any of my parent’s regulatory attempts. The difference between arguing and debating, is recognition of fact and comprehension of a point validated or refuted. The funny part is the friend I was discussing with was actually ‘right,’ just not finding the words which allowed me to hear his point. Does this sound familiar to anyone?

The term ‘Devil’s Advocate’ is used to refer to people who point out the small percentage of situations in which the rules do not apply. (I am currently reading an excellent book on this subject, Weapons of Math Destruction by Cathy O’Neil, Crown 2016.) For the sake of fun, and to raise an interesting point about the dynamics of communication, I thought I would describe a possible situation in which communication is based on a relatively (pun intended) unanswerable physics question.

Negative Energy, or Dark Energy, vs. Light or Light Speed as a method of verbal communication. The basis for the next arguments are based on the tradition of the Macro reflecting the Micro, As Above So Below. Another friend and I were having a conversation about light and dark energy, in which he said he had read an article about how dark energy travels up to ten times faster than the speed of light. Though he didn’t source his claim, it was an acceptable fact to me based on my own reading, experience and observations. Michio Kaku, in the blog Big Think, lists 4 Things That Currently Break the Speed of Light Barrier. The fourth item he lists is negative matter. It ought not to take much of a leap to be able to correlate dark energy or matter to negative energy or matter; especially since I am taking the view of Devil’s Advocate for the purpose of this blog, it becomes obvious that they are the same principle, functioning under different names ( of course for the purpose of furthering obscurity.) Dark Energy, it turns out, makes up 68% of the Universe.

How does this relate to communication? From the ideas of Jagada Chandra Bose, who said ‘the true laboratory is the mind, where behind illusions we uncover the laws of truth,’ and the Moody Blues whose song ‘The Best Way to Travel‘ says essentially the same thing: ‘speeding through the universe thinking is the best way to travel,’  in her translation of The Tao Te Ching, Ursula K. Le Guin draws a correlation between the ‘untraveled and inexperienced’ poets Emily Bronte and Emily Dickinson as examples of the lines which she translates as ‘You don’t have to go out the door to know what goes on in the world.’ Ch. 47. I believe that what we frequently describe as women’s intuition is a function of dark matter, or energy.*

How this relates to speaking, becomes ‘logical,’ especially considering the Greek term Logos, which means both the word, and reason. Since dark matter, or energy makes up most of ‘creation,’ and by today’s reasoning, humanity is unable to describe the behaviors of functions of darkness, it follows that the reasoning which exists in dark matter has no words. The other day, as I was playing a sudoku puzzle, I drew a nine in a square without expressing to myself mentally the logic for the decision. Curiously, the nine actually looked distinctly different than the other nines I had written throughout the sudoku square, from my observation, a part of my mind knew the answer. was unable to put it into words, yet was able to write the answer in the proper square.

Of course, as a musician, and a poet, I wish to still uplift the value of sound and music, yet, as some one who holds wisdom in a cautious regard, I can not honestly turn away the conclusion from my own experience. All of the current blog is just another way of saying what we all know, that we never know how the information arrives, just that when it does, it is important to recognize. I’d appreciate any thoughts, or feedback on these ideas, since the point of any writing is to communicate, and as the lines from Morphine’s song ‘All Your Way’ say; ‘On my dying day I might be able to say, On a still sea full of manly rage, On my dying day I might be able to say, I might be able to say, You know I finally see things all your way.’


*Please don’t get your knickers in a twist about this simple correlation. As mentioned, for the duration of this post, using the as above so below axiom, which allows a casual observer to note that the inside of a uterus is dark, while the seed from a man are millions, allowing for a conversational use of dark and light to be representative of the masculine and feminine forces which combine to form Captain Planet!