All My Friends

11 04 2017

A fellow musician I met in Olympia a while ago, recently made a post about essentially being honest on Facebook (and life in general I would think). I have been thinking the same thing lately, which makes me wonder where Mercury is right now. Running through my mind has been a line from Leonard Cohen’s song ‘Ain’t no Cure for Love’ – “I need to see you naked, in your body and your thoughts.”

            Here goes: I was on the bus the other day, and a gay guy (do I need to say how I knew he was gay?) sat down directly opposite me, and my first thought was to agree with the bowl of petunias from Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy – “Oh no, not again.” It was obvious that he wanted to interact with me as he mimicked my movements, and looked at me to see how I would respond.

            When I remained unmoved, he used chi tricks on me, sending so much energy to my second chakra that when I got off the bus a crew from Puget Sound Energy rushed over and hooked up a step down transformer to my hair. My aura was so bright it banished my shadow, or maybe that was ’cause I was outside in Seattle.

            So, ‘big deal’, you’re thinking, ‘get over yourself.’ While the methods he chose allowed me to know his intelligence and level of awareness, which I might have surmised from his manicured and glossed black fingernails and his thinly striped rainbow Pippi Longsocks (two possible clues of his sexual persuasion btw); whatever happened to ‘Hello’ or ‘How is your day?’

            While I can’t help but think ‘what about my interests?’; that thought is self-centered; he was initiating an interaction based on what he thought, felt, or wanted. His only knowledge of me was based on my presence, charisma, or visage – pick one, and apparently my aura, though whether through emotional experience of it, or visually seeing subtle electromagnetic fields I will probably never know.

            A rather long story to explain why pickup lines don’t work. Humans have been around long enough now that some things ought to be in the collective consciousness. Here’s my vote: Approaching someone you’re attracted to and focusing on your sexual interest in them is UNORIGINAL.