15 05 2017

Cole read numbers, which appeared to be random, then began discussion with someone off screen. When the camera changed position to show the person who Cole was talking to, Thorpe understood what Waite was talking about. He was looking at himself in the monitor.

Thorpe was dumbfounded. Baffled. Puzzled. Confused, and quite a bit pissed off. What the hell was happening?

He motioned to Waite to leave the room. Back in the Alcove, he asked Waite “What was that?”

“As far as we know, that is a live broadcast.” Waite replied.

“How could that be? I’m right here!” Thorpe almost shouted.

He began to pace, though there was not much space in the little room.

“How long have I been on that broadcast?”

“From the beginning, almost two and a half years.”

“That is not me!”  Thorpe emphasized again.

“You do have a strong case for that point.” agreed Waite.”But you will excuse me if I don’t accept what you say at ‘face value’.” he continued. Thorpe was surprised to see a sense of humor being displayed by one of his captors.

“How do you know they are live broadcasts?” Thorpe asked.

“One of them sympathizes with our situation,” was the response.

“Though not enough to help you escape” muttered Thorpe.

“The offer was made at one point”, Waite stated, “but I want to free all of us and lock up the bastards responsible.”, a sentiment Thorpe wholeheartedly understood.

“We have got to get more information”, Waite mused, “and I bet you are tired”

Waite and the Shovel Man talked in low tones on the far side of the room, and after a moment, Shovel Man disappeared.

“He’s getting some sleeping gear, and the keys to loosen your cuffs some.” Waite informed Thorpe.

“What’s his name anyway?” Thorpe wondered.

“Kenwhar, but we all just call him Shovel.”

“I think I know why.” said Thorpe, holding his head.

“You haven’t seen him eat.”

After a bit of rest, and a bizarre dream, Thorpe awoke to Waite entering the room.