Little Wheel Spin and Spin

20 07 2017

Recently watched a documentary called The Pyramid Code, and it was quite an interesting video. Directed and produced by Carmen Boulter, one of the more interesting episodes was A New Chronolgy, which mentions a Hindu time frame called Yuga. The yuga describe cycles of the universe, and bring an interesting thought process to today’s linear thinking.

In the episode called The Empowered Human, a parallel is drawn between chakras, or energy centers of the body, and the seven glands, which produce most of the endorphins and neurotransmitters. One of the charts that was used provides an excellent representation of hemispheric balance. As technology improves, many people seem to believe that older art forms are passe, yet IMHO, the ritual practices of music, painting, sculpting and even cooking are essential providers of knowledge of eternity and cyclical transcendence.

An interesting line from the series is ‘matriarchy is not the opposite of patriarchy.’ There seems to be a strong bias towards patriarchy in this ‘age,’ and as it is mentioned in the series, not honoring the ‘divine’ feminine may be the reason for such disruption and lack of balance, or as the Hopi say ‘koyaanisqatsi.’

Curiously, as our nation faces challenges seen and unseen, patriotism can be redefined to allow for compassion and wisdom, instead of a finality which excludes, taken from the phonetic meaning, the federal government, or ‘Fed Her All,’ doesn’t have to use up all resources for the benefit of a few, allowing our geographical location ‘Turtle Island’ to become again a land of plenty, or as Woody Guthrie says, ‘This Land Was Made for You and Me.’ Hopefully, it won’t be too long until the wheel spins again, and our little corner of the universe can be brought into balance.