Whats So Funny ‘Bout

2 08 2017

Though it has been a bit of time since I have listened to Elvis Costello, since a friend/employer forbade me from playing his music as a result of their past, he is still an excellent musician. Another friend suggested today that I learn to play What’s so Funny, and since it is a great song, with a poignancy that today is quite relevant, I figured it would be a good song to use for today’s post.

One of the stronger parts of the song is the directness of the questions: ‘So where are the strong? and who are the trusted?’ Which create a space for what could be considered an answer as well. ‘And where is the harmony? Sweet Harmony.’ Especially in terms of poetic phonetics, harmony as an answer to strength is a brilliant, bold, beautiful answer. The implication is knowledge provides the movement, and reverberation, the essence of harmonic structure, creates the foundation of shared existence. Even ‘the bible’ refers to utilizing wave structure in Joshua 6:1-27.

Returning again to the song, a new implication is that the harmonics created by peace, love and understanding are what are required in order to reduce the power of pain and hatred, and misery in the world today. Providing a foundation for further understanding of how harmonics work together could provide answers to many questions about ancient civilizations, cures to diseases, and lead to the next renaissance of knowledge in this age of universal growth.

A ‘secret’ which has been kept far too long, is that harmony provides hope and happiness and all that it takes is a song.