10 08 2017

Guess What?!?   That’s right! The solar eclipse. Aug 21. Who’s going? Certainly this is a great opportunity to reflect on Pink Floyd’s celebrate song, and discuss the lyrical symbolism of paradox and duality. ‘All that you touch, And all that you see, All that you taste, All you feel’ initially describing the senses which are available through experience.

The next verse then refers specifically to paradox. Love, hate, distrust, save. Light travels as a particle and a wave, though with LASER, we are able to utilize the energy for both productive and destructive purposes. Perhaps if the tools which offer this much power were able to be utilized in the manner of instruments for instance, where the ability to use and direct the energy are gained only through hours of practice, there would not be so much destruction, except of course at the end of the concert as part of the encore.

The next verse seems to specifically mention particle and waves, first with give and deal, referring to the speed/location binary reality, while buy,beg, borrow, or steal refers to modalities of light itself. The create – destroy, do – say reflects the previous, and personalizes the action. It is the through the exchange of opposites that artistic perception is created, as in the ‘facemos image.’

By recognizing that the consistency of amplification and stimulation produced for market removes the status of the jedi, who build their light sabers by hand with the knowledge received from their instructors and their experience. Paradoxically, machines built to provide atmosphere, communication, and rhythm still require experience to wield a living voice. That being said, the pleasure of rhythm, the ebbing wave requires on off, or in manufacturing lingo OI.

Of course, the last verse, containing the lyrical ‘turn around’ has a great paradoxical phrase: ‘And everything under the sun is in tune, But the sun is eclipsed by the moon.’

Really an incredible song, enjoy the melody and the darkness, from a distance.