Wonderful World

30 08 2017


Have you watched the video? Louis Armstrong! Amazing as the melody is, the lyrics are also an incredible insight. Unlike Hendrix’s Axis Bold As Love, Louis does not provide chakra correlations for each of the colors as they are presented in the song, however, in the second rhyme of the first quatrain, the lyrical statement speaks to true alignment of the chakras: ‘I see friends shaking hands saying how do you do, They’re really saying I love you.’ Which, by most definitions of the sacred and the chakras, is the intention and point.

While he speaks to the logic and order, he is also speaking to the source and balance with the line ‘The bright blessed day, the dark sacred night,’ obviously, the music sets the tone for the song, a relaxing melody inspiring dreams, visions and summer time picnic baskets of happiness. Specially curious is the line ‘And I think to myself what a wonderful world,’ because while he is demonstrating happiness and positive thoughts, he is also illuminating that he is still essentially alone, so in spite of the ‘Wonderful World,’ and the happiness it provides, there seems to be no one to share it with.

While the last quatrain speaks of birth and generational knowledge, ‘I hear babies crying, I watch them grow, They’ll learn much more than I’ll never know,’  is it possible that the last lines of the song, essentially a duplicate suggest that the loneliness implied by ‘I think to myself,’ cannot be balanced by the colors of the rainbow, or the people going by? How much happier can one person be when all the information of the galaxy is at their fingertips, yet they are not allowing themselves the experience of being in the moment? Look at Louis expressions while he is singing ‘Wonderful World.’