Quantums, MFIs and Elfman

9 06 2019

Being Blessed upsets people. It isn’t ‘normal’ ‘you aren’t flowing the rules.’

They say hindsight is twenty twenty, and after yesterday, I see a few things. I have quoted a certain psy-almist Danny Elfman a few times before, and one of his songs says ‘wake up, it’s 1984, but we’ve been here before.’ Which, if you consider the MFI pathogen discussed in the Bride Ministries interview with Natalie Morris and Linda Craig and is SO true. A pathogen with the ability to be invisible? Whoa, is it Sci-Fi? What else could a pathogen like that be capable of doing to someone’s body? So, the MFI pathogen like the one described by Natalie would be of extreme interest to ‘Big Brother.’

Other elements in the song lyrics which seem to be directly related to the type of society that the MFI pathogen could create are the lines:
Big brother’s watching, we watch him back 
We see right through his disguise 
He tries to scare us, with angry words 
But we all know that they’re lies 

If there is a pathogen which is able to receive and transmit data, then any one with the proper radio would then be able to receive any type of data collected by the pathogen, and from what she describes, would also be able to broadcast to the pathogen, or effectively, have the possibility of controlling the way that someone responds to visual, or audio data, and potentially regulate their emotional response.

Of course, in this scenario, the people are able to watch back, which is not able to happen in the 1984 that is described by Orwell. As the higher up someone is in Big Brother’s game, the more they are able to step outside and turn off the TV.

More from the Elf:
Whole world is watching, observing every move 
Is it beginning or the end? 
Just like a chess game, but so intense .

With precision responses to any type of behavior, I can only imagine that there could be people who have an agenda of control, and not of truth.

Since it has been some time since I have blogged, I will get it if there are not a lot of responses right away, since as Leslie Stevens says,
We will control the horizontalWe will control the vertical.