Live From Portland!

25 11 2021


Always interesting to write to an unknown audience. Yet, as every word creates potentially new thoughts, writing is to the unknown. The internal final frontier.

I’m reading Atlas Shrugged for the second time, since I haven’t read that book in a score of years. I found it interesting that the introduction to Dagny Taggert, the lead character, was four pages, before her name was told to us. Four pages! All the others were instant. Talk about creating mystery! Then there was a mystery within those four pages as well, suggesting unknown, and in context, joyful unknown.

I’ve thought lately about rejoining a social media giant, yet the sting of farcebook is still fresh in my mind. I know what tech is capable of, and for the most part, I’m considering the phrase optimizing luddite to describe my relation to the U.S. and to the tech industry in general.

Have I told you I’m a publisher now? Check out  to see the actual books I’ve written!

That’s all for now