Citizen Cash

2 02 2022

I just finished reading Citizen Cash, by Michael Stewart Foley. An excellent read about a human, humanitarian, and believer.

I have always admired Johnny Cash, and to learn much more about his life through his politics as a musician and entertainer in thought provoking prose was uplifting, except for one realization. I have a lot more Johnny Cash albums to listen too!

Foley’s research into Cash’s days in Dyess is full of detail, and I was amused to know well before texting, there was an STFU. Exploring Cash’s well known interest in prisoners and First Nations brought to light several interesting facts.

Personally, I was grateful to read how Cash’s faith was treated in the G>d and Country chapter, described with dignity and insight, and in its own way, continuing to provide faith and hope.

Obviously, I’m backing away from the blog a bit, yet since I now have a ‘real live’ web site, Poetic Phonetics, and reading Citizen Cash almost got me to start using social media, I figured a good compromise would be to blog about once a month or so.

Stay Blessed!