23 05 2017

speech, evolutionary artistry, communication elemental
assembled anglo sounds, significance residual
vocal tones balance the lofty and the gifted
awareness, bountiful, caged in ego; not elected
esoteric painters represent rationale as golden
direct transmission – enlightenment; still beholden

gilded glossary paints perception: beholden
sea and earth and satellites, gravity; elemental
geography, culture, grow wisdom standing golden
echoes of poets whisper: conceptual residual
poems prized per policy; no emotion, still elected
espousing muse in parchment used, releases verses gifted

scholars, zealots, bards, left volumes; we’ve been gifted
geoecholoqution, igniting spirit less beholden
indoctrination, cannonization: heart shapes poems elected
the expression of wisdom, love: omnipresent, elemental
stains of war and weary soldiers; not nature’s residual
advancing war, advancing debt, deified by golden

sacred earth distraught for betrayal of her golden
perhaps the wise attune to creation always gifted
warmongering builds hate; leaves destruction as residual
as fish forget water, forts forget they are beholden
to captain industry, slash and burn, ignoring elemental
poets wreathed in laurels grown, yet industry elected

speaking plants ideas; slang gets words elected
people’s use is people’s choice, it ain’t always golden
leadership currency creates resistance, thanks to elemental
sediment sprouts mournful odes, lessons learned, now gifted
a calf, an idol, lucre lately, yoke of thoughts beholden
diamonds, beef, wrangling votes: witness the residual

gluttonment creates unrest, tax and war residual
as a penny saved is earned, invested thoughts elected
music, art, dance, expression: being beholden
a koan, a canvas, a child’s poem, all signs life is golden
capitol harvests harshly, ideas that dreams hath gifted
time refines, improves with rhyme, nature, elemental


fundamental, elemental
rhyme without negative residual
gifted thought, double edged, vorpal sword blade, not elected
prior to thoughts priced golden
communication: with one state
to unity all behOlden