25 05 2017

battles, it’s believed belong to those who flex their might
culture strives from chromosomes unconcerned with fight
a love supreme will reign, in a way the world can see
this hatred of our stewardship, no way for us to be
everywhere ideas for change, it’s evident we ought
the ethos followed formerly, with fright is fraught

with glory and grandestanding, government is fraught
when asked of other ways, the humble admit there might
bettering conditions, no aim for politicians yet, ought
we must root and scream for all in freedom’s fight
can we on one point agree, all people have a right to be
class synonymous with caste, self-evident why can’t we see

no one free when others are oppressed you see
you got, I got, this consumer habit with emptiness is fraught
til heartbeat props are granted those with other ways to be
some will always dream, I wish I may, I wish I might
when Thomas said, ‘Do not go gentle,’ what else but freedom’s fight
poetry and Yoda speak, to re pen thought, change our words we ought

to banish fear from mental sphere, give thanks to those we ought
music, universal language, harmony speaks, you’ll see
in the space where truth is free, there is no need to fight
overcome ego, a koan, is the owner of breath with discernment fraught
nevermind the yestertime, or fret about what might
time eternal set to now, how can it not be

que sera, que hora, believers, it’s time to be
synchronically existing as embracing hearts we ought
as the circle pushes forward, the fates tease those with might
no dice, no trading futures, the new physics shows us see
surfing waves of freevertising, with balance be fraught
breathe slow, notice the glow of others in the good fight

armor yourself with humor, shields up, no need to fight
advice from high, when facing treachery, let it be
tune to natural rhythm, through the myriad signals we’re fraught
choose through the muse, and your heart will be where you ought
never been born, never been free, open your ears to see
draw from life’s loving fountain, strength and might

in the spiritual fight, find freedom we might
so others yet to be, see what our hearts see
and with joy be fraught, to chase past humus we ought