Balance – Round About

30 05 2017


Turbulence, like mind,

can make for a rough ride,

hemispheric balance, solving for Y.

Cold fronts, or bold ideas pushing against

the engine of thought.

Warm fronts or wimpy ideas can cause…

loss of context.

Under certain lights, bold is cold,

warm and wimpy,

all rolled into one pint of Ben and Jerry’s.

It’s not all a ‘Black Light Trap’,

some synapses Shriekback:

referring of course to that trick of logic and light

we know as smoke and mirrors.

‘Quite the raving’, quoth the maven.

Usually these thoughts are kept

for much, much later.

‘Oh, there’s a limit on thought?’

Can these directions be brought under control?’

‘Is there a cat piloting my soul?’

‘Cause if dog’s my copilot,

I’d prefer they find common ground,

instead of chasing each other’s tails round and round.’

Since these empty pockets of thought

barely keep my hands warm,

at least these wings will be level

as we fly into the storm.

Every bolt of lightning, every thunderclap,

the white stripe on the skunk,

saying ‘Don’t touch that!’

Each gauge, each measure,

every turn of a prop,

even flying itself,

proof that Nature knows Math.



To believe in the lyrical

is to believe in the spherical,

the universe the source of all mc’s material.

But belief is a trap, the universe exists;

without being, yet present if you get my drift.

I’ve been there, you’ve been there

flip the choice spot if you’re so aware.

Feelin’ stuck in the same ol’ same?

I’ve lived on that plane.

Drinkin’ in sadness, drinkin’ in pain.

Stopped by a dime,

live for today.

The grass is always greener

when the green’s in your brain.

When the heart is the way,

when you feel joy,


As you are breathing out.

 All your cells burst forward to

your next Roundabout.