Whisper – Purple – Spoke or Wheel

5 06 2017


Whispering  is illegal

Say it again

I can’t it’s illegal

Say it again

Conspiracy develops unity

Say it again

With breath, one love

Say it again

You say width, I say eons

Say it again

This length strength connected

Say it again

Build circles, build try angles

Say it again

Being square reduces social return

Say it again

Laughing joking gets spirit moving

Say it again

Talking about a revolution

Say it again

Sounds like a whisper

Say it again

Whispering is illegal


Purple and sludge combine in my blood

royal pollution turns my thoughts cold.

Freezing, cracking, breaking all chances,

my life a myriad of devil’s dancing:

Fox Trot, Two Step, Tennessee Waltz,

tomorrow starts through last night’s fog.

Dreams and visions colliding like atoms,

clarity vanished focus is scattered.

Yet of all the gifts I’ve wasted,

your love is my most disgraceful.

If I must, if I must, if I must let you go,

I’ll have the strength because you’ve made my heart whole.

Thursday’s and Saturday’s, so far away,

the man in black singing desperado,

‘Before it’s too late, before it’s too late.’

My fear became controlling, inherited hate?

To make a wish on this shooting star,

Hold one more time,

my mended heart.


Can rhythm, momentum, be felt;

heard from the page?

Can life experience be marrored with la lingua?

Mirrored with language?

Do physical symbols design the mind?

Is memorization a waste of time?

Memorize, mesmerize.

How many words read now

are their actual size?

To inscribe them in stone

for future generations,

won’t ensure communication

murmur ancient Egyptians.